Fine Art Print on Watercolor Paper
Patiently Waiting  11x14               Outside mat size   16x20            
Matted, backed, shipped in envelope, ready for framing
                                 $85.U.S. + shipping

High Quality Laser Prints
All prints are matted and backed ready for framing, will be shipped in an envelope.
              Visiting The Reef      
11x14     outside mat size 16x20 
            $55.U.S.  + shipping
The following prints are all 11x14   outside mat size 16x20     
$55. U.S. + shipping

My View Of
Monet's Garden
Quiet Sunset
The Old Mill
The Lighthouse
Castle in the Clouds
Sails at Sunrise
At Full Sail
Lilacs and Tulips
Peonies and Roses
Winter Fun
Teacher's Desk
Teacher's Desk
(In Copper)
The following prints are available in 8x10   outside mat size 11x14
$35. U.S. + shipping
Hurry Up!

Slow Down!
                 Boats at Rest       
11x16     outside mat size 16x20   
           $60. U.S. + shipping
Quiet Sunset
The Grand Hotel 

Monet's Garden

Each $425. U.S. + shipping
(Ready for Framing)
Giclee Prints
Highlighted, Signed, and Numbered by the Artist

Christmas in Pink
Christmas in Red
Kay's Window
The Groves Boardwalk
Indian Pots
Mazatlan Roof Tops
Also Available in 11x14
Also Available in 11x14
Southern Magnolias  

Main Street 
Each $450. U.S. + shipping
 (ready for framing)
Pretty Perch
Prints of any of the originals on this site are available upon request.